PSW-Umformtechnik GmbH

The PSW-Umformtechnik GmbH was founded in 1998 by the managing partners Jens-Heinrich Palandt, Thorsten Steinberg, and Uwe Strohte. Production started in a leased space in the train station in Elze, Germany. In 2004, the need to expand was already so great that a new business establishment was set up at the address Am Stadion 9. Production and construction has been executed there since 2005 on 2,500 square meters of manufacturing and office space.

Over 30 employees have found a secure job since then at PSW Umformtechnik. In addition, PSW has been training industrial employees continuously since 2007. In recent years, PSW has specialized in the area of industrial sheet metal working – and especially on customer-specific, finished housing systems and housing components.


Old production hall at "Sophienstraße 4"

Production on 800 square meters of space with only 2 employees at first


 New production hall at "Am Stadion 9"

Since 2005, production takes place on approx. 2000 square meters
with over 30 employees 


Since 2000, PSW has exhibited at various trade fairs